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Thyroid Test

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Basic and Comprehensive Thyroid Assessment Panel by Access Labs

The Comprehensive Thyroid Panel is a complete thyroid test commonly used for an initial evaluation or when a more comprehensive follow up is required.  If, however, you are following up after a thyroid medication dose change (usually 6 weeks), or when other markers have been normal and stable for an extended time, a Basic Thyroid Panel may be sufficient.

Thyroid test by Access Labs

The Basic Panel reports thyroid hormone function as follows:

TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Factor)
fT3 (Free T3)
fT4 (Free T4)

The Comprehensive Panel adds the following markers

Reverse T3
Anti-TG Thyroid Antibodies
Anti-TPO Thyroid Antibodies

We send you a kit with prepaid mailer and you have your blood drawn at your local lab (small fee may apply).  Have the  collection placed in the prepaid mailer, and you receive results in about a week by email.

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